Specific formulation for Laetius product lines

LENIX Factor

Our flagship technology is specifically designed to help soothe and calm, reducing the effect that external factors leave on skin. This formulation is featured in the NOUVÉ Mild series and extensive research has resulted in the development of a stable, effective formula that shows lasting results.

LENIX-C2 Complex

LENIX-C2 Complex is a stable formulation based on LENIX Factor technology. This formula targets uneven skin tone, hyperpigmentation, and other factors that result in dull skin. LENIX-C2 Complex helps renew, refresh, and protect to reveal healthy, luminous skin.


Hydra-Faire formulation technology keeps skin soft and supple while providing moisture boosting ingredients directly where it counts. This gentle formulation helps skin retain moisture without irritation from unnecessary ingredients.


Featured technologies in the Laetius Professional lines of products


The Laetius Professional Series features CLETA, is a unique formulation focused on skin barrier health to keep skin looking healthy while minimizing the visible effects that external factors leave behind. This formulation, in combination with ingredients like ceramides and copper peptides, helps improve skin's appearance while nourishing from within.