Our Story

Laetius (adj. Latin) – happy, joyful

LAETIUS was founded by a group of researchers in California dedicated to improving skincare ingredients and formulations for all skin types. After years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, our team focused their efforts to research something different: skincare.

Providing meaningful skincare products means fully understanding ingredients. An initial survey of products on the market yielded a long list of chemicals that had very little positive effects on the skin. Our team decided that eliminating unnecessary fragrances and irritating ingredients was essential for developing effective skincare products.  Since then, our team has been hard at work creating new products for our skincare lines.

We are inspired by the stories of our clients, from their struggles with acne to their success with natural ingredients. We strive to discover new formulations with proven results. We are committed to safe, effective skincare.

The science of skincare is our forte; creating innovative skincare products is our specialty.

Welcome to LAETIUS.